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HG STEEL PIPE is a large steel complexes in China integrated with steel making and rolling process. A multiple producing system with steel products, such as steel plates, steel pipes, steel section and round bar has been built. The Capability of steel products in 10 million tons each year.

The company’s leading steel pipes industry includes medium & small- diameter hot-rolled seamless tubes, specially alloy rolled tubes, cold-rolled and cold-drawn seamless tubes, expanding large diameter seamless tube, medium-diameter ERW welded steel pipes, large-diameter longitudinal submerged-arc welded steel pipes, large spiral steel pipes and all kinds of pipe fittings,such as bend, elbow, reducer,tee, flanges,coupling, caps,,etc for the connection of the pipeline.

Now the Seamless tube has 3 hot rolling lines and 1 cold drawn line: Φ400mm Plug Mill,Φ180mm retaining rack MPM,Φ159mm PQF. It also has Φ340mm and Φ245mm OCTG threading line and two heat treatment line.So it can produce all kinds of hot rolling seamless with O.D. from Φ38-457mm and W.T. from 2.9-60mm,Cold-drawn seamless tube with O.D. from Φ10-89mm and W.T.from 1.2-19.05mm.
The 3 ERW welded steel pipes production lines can produce O.D. Φ 10-Φ610 mm with W.T.0.5-15mm welded steel pipes, including hollow section, such as square & rectangular steel tube, galvanized steel pipes, per-galvanized tube, EMT Tube.etc. And meanwhile the large longitudinal submerged-arc welded steel pipes lines can produce the O.D. Φ 457-Φ1420 mm with W.T.7-60mm with one seam and two seams for above Φ1500mm.

The largest spiral steel pipes production lines can cover 7 lines from Φ219mm to Φ3500mm : 1) O.D. from Φ219-530mm and W.T. from 3.0-15mm; 2) O.D. from Φ325-1320mm and W.T. from 3.0-16mm; 3) O.D. from Φ530-2200mm and W.T. from 5.0-20mm; 4) O.D. from Φ219-630mm and W.T. from 3.0-16mm;5) O.D. from Φ219-820mm and W.T. from 3.0-16mm; 6) O.D. from Φ325-1820mm and W.T. from 5.0-18mm; 7) O.D. from Φ530-3500mm and W.T. from 5.0-25mm; These steel pipes have been widely applied in energy industry, petrochemical industry, machining, maritime facilities, gas and oil projects,hydroelectric(power) station,water transmitting project and infrastructure construction.,etc.

Steel pipe industry integrates R&D, product development, machining and inspection, distribution. It implements whole process quality control including piercing, hot-rolled coils,heavy plates,blooming, pipe rolling and welding. The company’s steel pipe industry has comprehensive advantages super iron and steel complex. The mills is one of the most modernized steel pipes production bases in China nowadays.

Relying on competitive advantages such as advanced equipment, completed technical knowledge, strict management and high cred- it,especially strong resource integration capability, HG STEEL PIPE can supply high quality product and services to satisfy customers demands.We have been implementing an effective Quality Control and Assurance System.We have a long-term plan to keep, control and improve quality continually.

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