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Pipe fitting,Galvanized pipe,3PE pipe
  • Sprial steel pipe,Piling pipe,Stainless steel pipe
    Killed steel plates is made of common carbon structural steel hot - rolled steel plate. Killed steel is deoxygenated completely, liquid steel before pouring with ferromangmanganese, ferrosilicon and aluminum for full deoxygenation
  • ASTM A106 steel pipe,HFW steel pipe,Alloy steel pipe
    Rimmed steel plate is a hot rolled steel plate made of common carbon structural steel. Rimmed steel is a kind of steel with incomplete deoxygenation. Only a certain amount of weak deoxidizer is used to deoxidize liquid steel, which has high oxygen content.
  • HFW steel pipe,Hollow section,API welded pipe
    Compared with SSAW, there is little difference in price between ERW steel pipe and SSAW steel pipe. The length of SSAW weld joint is about 2~3 times of ERW weld joint, and its internal weld tumor has no technical ability to remove
  • Seamless steel pipe,Carbon seamless steel pipe,Seamless line pipe
    A major difference between ERW steel pipe billet and hot rolled seamless steel pipe billet is that ERW is manufactured by cold rolling forming of hot rolled strip, while SML is formed by perforating round steel in the hot rolling state. Obviously
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