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Angle Steel: Meaning, Characteristics, Usage, and Classification


1.What is steel angle iron?

Angle steel, also known as angle iron or l shaped angle steel, is a long steel bar with two sides perpendicular to each other. The cross-section of angle steel is usually L-shaped, and it is usually made of hot rolling, cold drawing or welding. Steel angle is widely used in the construction and machinery manufacturing fields and can be used to make brackets, frames, metal components and structural components of various equipment. The material of angle steel is usually ordinary carbon steel or low alloy steel, which has excellent bending resistance and anti-slip properties.

Steel angle iron is divided into equilateral angle steel and unequal angle steel. Equilateral angle steel refers to two angle steels with equal side widths. Its specifications are usually expressed in millimeters of side width × side width × side thickness. The two sides of unequal angle steel are not equal in width. They can also be further divided into unequal-sided equal-thickness angle steel and unequal-sided unequal-thickness angle steel according to whether the thickness of the two sides is the same.

2. Characteristics of l shaped angle steel

(1)High strength
Angle steel has high pressure strength and is suitable for situations where it can withstand large tension and pressure.

(2) Strong corrosion resistance
The surface of the angle steel is treated to have strong corrosion resistance and can be used in humid and high-temperature environments.

(3) High aesthetics
The angle steel has a simple and elegant appearance, which can meet the needs of architectural beauty.

(4)Easy to process
Angle steel can be processed by cutting, sawing, cold bending and welding to meet different needs.

(5) Economical and practical
The price of angle steel is relatively low and it is an economical and practical building material.

(6) Weldability, plastic deformation performance and mechanical strength
Angle steel is a type of carbon structural steel used in construction. It has good weldability, plastic deformation performance and certain mechanical strength. It is mainly used for metal components and factory building frames.

3. The role of angle stock steel

Angle steel is a multi-functional metal product. Its main functions include:
(1)Supporting and fixed structures
Angle steel is widely used in the construction field to construct floor structure brackets and support materials. It has excellent compressive and tensile resistance and can provide stable structural support.

(2) Load bearing and durability
Angle steel has strong load-bearing capacity and good durability, and can meet the strength and stability requirements of building structures.

(3) Manufacturing machinery and equipment and conveying lines
Angle steel is also used in the manufacture of machinery and equipment, work benches, conveying equipment, etc. to provide stable support and structural support.

(4) Bridge and railway construction
Angle steel plays an important role in railway and bridge construction and is used in railway track supports, bridge structures and support systems.

(5)Furniture manufacturing
Angle steel is also commonly used in furniture manufacturing to make bed frames, support structures for chairs and tables, etc.

In addition, angle steel is also widely used in decoration, wire towers, ships, brackets, steel structures and other fields to support or fix structures.