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Why we attend the exhibition?


Participating in exhibitions is the first choice for enterprises to develop new markets, and it is also an important way for enterprises to expand their markets. It should be included in the enterprise's overall market development plan. By participating in the exhibition, enterprises can comprehensively and quickly understand the market conditions of the new market, contact buyers in the new market location, surrounding areas and even around the world, and ultimately achieve the purpose of promoting products and gaining a certain market share in the new market. By participating in exhibitions, many companies promote their products to domestic and foreign customers, use exhibitions to establish and promote their own image, find business agents, and increase corporate and brand awareness.

1. Many publicity methods

In exhibitions, tangible products can be displayed, and written materials and CDs can be distributed to the audience; products can be displayed statically or dynamically (such as on-site demonstrations, TV screen demonstrations). The temperament and image of the exhibitors, as well as the company's trademarks and logos can be displayed. Exhibitors can use their booths as a position to promote themselves, or they can hype them through the news media.

2. Exhibitions are all-sensory publicity

Most of the exhibitions display physical samples, and the audience can use all their sense organs to have a comprehensive and real experience of the exhibits and exhibitors, and leave a vivid and deep impression. At the food exhibition, the audience can not only see the color of the food, but also taste it on the spot and comment on its taste; at the cosmetics exhibition, the audience can smell the fragrance of the cosmetics; at the sewing exhibition, the audience can see with their own eyes the sewing machine making a fashionable item. clothing; at music exhibitions, visitors can hit the keyboard of a piano and listen to its sound quality. In short, the audience can use all senses to have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the product. This is the advantage and feature of the exhibition.

3. The publicity effect of the exhibition is good

The publicity targets of the exhibition are mainly professional audiences who are interested in the exhibits, and there are many visitors to the exhibition.

The Paris International Fair has about 1 million visitors each session, and the Tehran International Fair has about 400,000 visitors. Promoting to such a large number of interested audiences will certainly have a considerable impact. Moreover, some complex products that cannot be fully reflected in newspaper and television advertisements can also be displayed at exhibitions, producing effects unparalleled by other methods. As market competition becomes increasingly fierce, companies are striving to maintain and expand their market share and explore new markets. Companies often choose to display new products and release new product information at exhibitions to stimulate the needs of potential consumers and pave the way for future marketing.

The exhibition promotes the image of the company and the effect is quite good. A beautifully designed exhibition stand will not only attract visitors, but also attract the attention of news media and government officials. More and more companies use exhibitions to establish and improve their image and expand their influence. Many companies participate in the exhibition continuously to show their stable development. Some well-known large companies even rent large areas of clear land to build luxurious exhibition halls to show the image of strong strength, high grade and large scale of the company.