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How to improve the Chinese steel pipe industry to resist the international market risk system?


In order to better develop the steel pipe industry, China can learn from the good experience of foreign countries and promote the successful domestic enterprises. From the development status and benchmarking analysis of foreign steel pipe enterprises in recent years, it can be seen that the dominant enterprises have the following characteristics:

① Production specialization, according to the needs of specialization to optimize the process, technology, equipment, establish a professional technical system and marketing network, create international brands.

(2) Forming a reasonable scale, the determination of steel pipe production scale is to maximize the benefit, improve the utilization of resources, improve the international competitiveness and market share.

③ High-end products, foreign famous steel pipe enterprises take the production of high-end, high value-added products as the main goal, and constantly increase the proportion of these products, to avoid homogenization, low-level competition, such as Tenaris, Val l ourec, JFE and other international well-known steel pipe companies.

(4) Deep processing of products, personalized service and deep processing of steel pipe products, cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industry, steel pipe enterprises in developed countries attach great importance to. How to improve the Chinese steel pipe industry to resist the international market risk system?