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Never give up, keep fighting


Time flies like an arrow,there is only the last month left in 2022. During this year,Hunan Hydrogrand steel pipe co.,ltd can be said to have undergone great changes. The development of the company's strength and team building have achieved results, which is consistent with The efforts of the Hydrogrand steel pipe family members are inseparable.

In the past November, some teams have achieved their performance goals excellently, while others may still need to work hard. Several sales experts have contributed several orders this month, which is inseparable from their hard work and is also the best reward for their hard work. This month, several newcomers also received their first orders in our  company. This is a gratifying event, which shows that they have really entered the industry and are proficient in operation.

Miss. Shen, the general manager of the company, introduced a lot of her experience in this industry to everyone. A lot of content sin it is worth learning from. Everyone also gained a lot of motivation from Miss. Shen's big amount order experience.

There is only the last month left in this year, and we are going to make the final sprint. "Never give up, keep fighting" let us welcome the new day with full enthusiasm!