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Classification of metal pipe


Metal pipes can be classified based on various criteria such as the material used, the shape and size of the pipe, the manufacturing process, and the application for which the pipe is intended. Here are some common classifications:

1.Material-based classification: Metal pipes can be made from a variety of metals including steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and others. Each metal has its own unique properties that make it suitable for different applications.

2.Shape and size-based classification: Metal pipes can come in different shapes and sizes, such as round, square, rectangular, and oval. They can also vary in diameter and wall thickness.

3.Manufacturing process-based classification: Metal pipes can be manufactured using various processes such as seamless, welded, or extruded. The manufacturing process can affect the quality, strength, and durability of the pipe.

4.Application-based classification: Metal pipes can be classified based on their intended use such as plumbing, gas distribution, oil and gas transport, structural support, and others.